Innovation and problem solving

Built in flow regs and pump

Tubosider tanks have built in flow regulators or built in pumps, this remove the need for flow control chambers or pump chambers.

Angled drainage

By sweeping your drain runs into our tank at any angle from 30° to 150° you can remove the need for a manhole.

Single run of pipe

We have seen a significant increase in this type of design, a single run of pipe, around 2,3 or even 4 sides of a building, collecting the roof drainage and surface water drainage into one system, providing significant commercial benefits.

See a couple of example plans below. Click the images to zoom in.

Service ducts

On any construction site there is always a conflict between stormwater pipes, foul water pipes and services.

We have supplied many projects with services duct going straight through the attenuation tank to allow services to travel the shortest possible route.


The Tubosider swale design significantly reduces the footprint of the swale to crate the maximum development space.

On a recent road scheme in Hampshire (at detailed planning stage) we design a single run of 1400mm solid galvanised pipe, that reduced to 600mm for a 5m section (to allow for tree roots) then back up to 1400mm pipe work.

The swale is on a slope and the engineer was keen to slow the water down, so we have designed the swale to have baffles at equal spacings. The swale also has a built in flow regulator. On this scheme, the ground is made up of 8m clay, but free drainage chalk material below this.

We have designed a single piece of 900mm pipe, 10m in length to connect through the clay.


We provide vertical soakaway chambers often as a large chamber, 3m diameter 4m – 5m deep, one piece.

We also provide soakaway tanks based on a horizontal design, perforated steel pipe wrapped on a geotextile.

Combined attenuation and soakaway

If you have a decent percolation rate, but its not enough to go with a full, then we can reduce the size of the tank by up to 25%, by using our combined soakaway/attenuation solution.

Hydro system

This unit is design into schemes usually as the last product in the chain before the outfall. The hydrosystem removes hydro carbons, metals and silt to maximise the treatment


Our large diameter chamber solutions, offer many key benefits, we can provide the chamber as a pre-benched manhole or with a built-in flow regulator or with built in pumps.

We can produce manholes up to 10m deep, one piece, which come complete with a lifting ring. As far as diameter goes, we can produce single piece chambers up to 3.6m

Pile Casings

Tubosider’s casing structures were to be specially designed to be threaded deep into the London clay and allow Cementation Skanska to carry on “top-down construction”. This would give men access to work below ground even as the Tower’s steel columns started to climb towards the skyline.

To enable this, Tubosider were commissioned to design 16 specially engineered steel pile casing structures each running almost 14 metres into the ground.

“It was vital that the casings were designed to withstand any deformation either in transit or installation,” says Cementation Skanska’s project manager Brenton O’Loughlin. “Also, that they were finished and ready for a tight schedule, and met extreme tolerance levels – a few millimetres out of position would have failed.”

Solution & benefits
Full construction by Cementation Skanska, the same contractors for the gherkin-shaped 30 St Mary Axe building, began in 2008, with foundation piles and steel rebar (reinforcing bar) cages being installed.

Each pile casing forming the base of the Tower was 2.7 metres in diameter and 3.5mm thick, with upper and lower spacers top and bottom plus flanges and braces. Each mesh-reinforced casing was also fitted with a 1-metre extension for lifting and fitting.