ViaCon aims at the highest standards when it comes to environmental protection, well-being of the society and corporate governance.

Sustainability is the key word of the 21st century. We believe that a sustainable way of thinking must define every one of our actions, including those that are not directly related to the environment, but rather to the well-being of society or business.

Since 2021, ViaCon has set itself a bold ESG strategy which contributes to four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

ESG Achievements during 2020:

  • Defined our ESG strategy 2023 including targets 2021
  • Launched an electronic whistle blower channel
  • Defined a set of new compliance policies approved by the board
  • Launched a compliance training (E-learning) for all staff
  • Created a “one stop shop” on intranet for ESG incl policies and trainings
  • Introduced Winningtemp Engagement Survey and eNPS reporting
  • Updated authorisation matrix

Turning towards 2021, ViaCon’s ESG focus will be to:

  • Develop our sustainability claims for our solutions
  • Develop our ability to measure our own environmental footprint
  • Drive Employee engagement & eNPS
  • Improve health & safety (lost days)
  • Reduce scrap and raw material consumption
  • Reduce electricity consumption in our plastic pipe production