Infiltration Tanks

Stormwater infiltration structure

Infiltration tanks control drainage of rainwater into the groundwater

Infiltration tanks are used to temporarily store substantial amounts of rainwater and infiltrate it into the ground. As the climate change progresses and the amount of rainfall increases, they are becoming absolutely necessary to deal with the flooding problem. They are perfect for industrial and residential areas where the ground is coarse and allows infiltration. The tanks are made of spiral corrugated pipes HelCor that are known for their strength, adaptability, and longevity.

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Features and Benefits

Short installation times

The pipes are light and easy to handle. They are quickly assembled in sections with a team of regular workers and one supervisor. Only basic tools and light machinery are necessary for successful installation. This saves transportation, labour and installation costs. 

Durable in extreme environments

The installation could be done in both low and high temperatures. The pipes are made of high strength corrugated steel with an optimal design for withstanding heavy loads. The pipes can also be strengthened with a special film to increase corrosion protection for especially aggressive environments. 

Long life span

The pipes do not require special equipment to service. The expected lifespan of the structures is up to 100 years.

Eco-friendly solution

Steel is a reusable material whose production is comparatively low on CO2 emissions and resource consumption. The stormwater collected in the tanks is also reusable when properly collected. Besides that, the quick installation means minimal environmental disturbance. 

Guaranteed quality

Our experts will accompany you at all stages of the project. ViaCon ensures that the solution is properly planned, designed and implemented in accordance with local regulations and customer requirements. 

  • Parking lots 

  • Warehouses

  • Supermarkets

  • Logistics centres

  • Roads

  • Parks

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    How are UltraCor® structures different from other ViaCon bridge solutions?

    They are stronger and wider than SuperCor®, Hamco MP200plus®. As opposed to CON/SPAN, they are made of steel and not concrete so they are more ecological and 30-40% more cost-efficient. And unlike Acrow® 700XS®, they are applicable for buried solutions but take a bit longer to install.

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