Corrugated  Steel Plates 

Versatile solutions for culverts and underground passages

HelCor® are helically corrugated steel pipes that are a popular solution for culverts and underground passages. They can be buried at the depth of over 30 metres and withstand rough conditions for decades. Comparing to its concrete alternatives, HelCor® is lighter, eco-friendlier and more economical.

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Features and Benefits

Hydraulic efficiency

In addition to the circular section, it is possible to produce the pipe-arch shape that decreases the pipe rise and increases the pipe span. For the same water level, the pipe-arch shape has 65-100% more water flow capacity than a round pipe with the same rise.

Long service life

The steel of HelCor® structures is protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing. It ensures a lifespan of over 100 years. When properly implemented, these pipes do not need any special care. 99% of maintenance would consist of surface renovation 3-4 times a century. 

Fast and simple installation

Installation time of HelCor® is much shorter than for its concrete counterpart. The light pipes are assembled in sections with a team of one trained supervisor and regular workers. One crane or just an excavator and basic tools will be sufficient for successful installation. A culvert of 80×3 m can be assembled in just 1 day. 

Suitable for extreme temperatures

The installation is possible in various weather conditions, both cold and hot. The pipes will tolerate the range from -50°C to +50°C. 

Durability in aggressive environments

The high-strength steel, corrosion protection, and a simple construction, all ensure the longevity of the HelCor® pipes system.


CO2 emissions, energy and water consumptions are significantly lower to produce steel as opposed to concrete. Steel is also environmentally friendly as it is 100% reusable. Finally, the quick installation of the pipes means minimal pollution of the area.

HelCor® Properties 
  • Produced diameters: 200 mm – 3600 mm

  • Length: tailor-made, commonly 6-8 m

  • Load capacity: can withstand any live load classes

  • Corrugation types: from 68 x 13 mm

  • Steel coil thickness: 1.5-3.5 mm

  • Steel grade: from 250 MPa (Re)

  • Material: cold formed helically corrugated steel 

  • Painting system/corrosion protection: accurate, depends on the class of the environment aggressiveness 

  • Available shapes: circular, pipe-arch (closed), arch (open) 

  • Certification: EN 10346 

  • Roads and railway culverts

  • Underground passages  

  • Ecological passages  

  • Hydrotechnical structures  

  • Relining of deteriorated structures 

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