Retaining wall for lateral soil support 

Gabions protect slopes and strengthen bridge abutments

Gabions are a gravity type of retaining wall commonly used to reinforce soil near water or to construct bridge abutments. They look like rectangular baskets made of welded mesh or double twisted wire. The baskets are filled with rock on the spot or delivered prefilled, and then stacked atop one another. Gabions are popular for their eco-friendliness, cost effectiveness and flexibility.

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Features and Benefits


Gabions are much faster to install and more ecological than corresponding retaining walls made of concrete. The price for a square meter of a gabion wall is up to 70% cheaper than a concrete wall. Besides, it is possible to save on transportation costs when using rocks from the site: e.g., when mountain blasting is already done for construction. 

Natural design

A gabion wall with a stone surface could look more aesthetical compared to a cold and solid concrete surface. Gabions are excellent to use as an architectural element for decoration. The structure is less subject to graffiti or other vandalism than concrete walls.


It is possible to choose specific parameters for your application: dimensions, grids, the thickness of the steel, and corrosion protection can all be adjusted. 


A gabion wall has a carbon footprint that is about 80% lower than a concrete wall of the corresponding height. By allowing climbing plants on the gabion wall, the climate footprint will be further reduced over the long life of the gabion.


Gabions are made of corrosion protected steel wire which ensures a long service life of up to 120 years. They have high water permeability which leads to good drainage and does not stress the wall with any additional weight.

  • Construction of retaining structures 

  • Strengthening the banks of water reservoirs or transport facilities adjacent to these reservoirs 

  • Construction or strengthening bridge abutments 

  • Retaining structures from reinforced soil 

  • Mattresses used for the construction of fords and structures which limit the erosion of the river bottoms and riverbanks, water reservoirs and watercourses near bridge supports, earth structures 

  • Temporary structures which increase the height or strengthen floodbanks 

  • Trapezoidal baskets are used for construction of free-standing walls, screens, partitions 

  • Noise reduction barriers 

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    How are UltraCor® structures different from other ViaCon bridge solutions?

    They are stronger and wider than SuperCor®, Hamco MP200plus®. As opposed to CON/SPAN, they are made of steel and not concrete so they are more ecological and 30-40% more cost-efficient. And unlike Acrow® 700XS®, they are applicable for buried solutions but take a bit longer to install.

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