Chamber system

The certified integral lifting ring on our chambers makes installation and maintenance easier than ever.

Unique lifting design

Our new range of chambers can be lifted entirely into an excavation. This unique design includes an integral lifting ring with incorporated slinging points. The lifting ring is designed to remain attached to the chamber so installation is less labour intensive, faster and more cost-effective than other chamber designs. Available in 1.2m diameter as well as other sizes on request, the chambers are designed to optimise ease of access for future maintenance of the drainage system.

They’re fabricated to order in our factory, from galvanised steel and delivered to site ready to install. An easy-to-follow WRc accredited installation guide helps save even more time and resource.

The chamber design was developed by Tubosider’s design team to meet market demand, after talking to customers and recognising some of the everyday challenges that access chambers and manhole present.

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Features and Benefits

Easy to install

WRc approved installation instructions

Unique design

Secure integral lifting ring with incorporated slinging points

Low cost

Reduces cost and time burden of inspection and maintenance

Made to order

Fully fabricated and delivered ready to install

  • Drainage

  • Stormwater management systems

We pride ourselves on our value engineering. This is a great example of how our design team have understood what our customers are looking for and responded. Call us to discuss your requirements, prices are available on request.

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    How are UltraCor® structures different from other ViaCon bridge solutions?

    They are stronger and wider than SuperCor®, Hamco MP200plus®. As opposed to CON/SPAN, they are made of steel and not concrete so they are more ecological and 30-40% more cost-efficient. And unlike Acrow® 700XS®, they are applicable for buried solutions but take a bit longer to install.

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