Twinstore tanks

Our patented Twinstore attenuation tanks offer greater performance, reduced footprint and lower cost compared to conventional systems like thermoplastic chambers.

Balancing water between pipes

Twinstore works by using a system of lightweight, helically wound galvanised steel pipes in a range of diameters (0.6m to 3.6m) installed within a lined excavation and backfilled. Instead of being sealed, the pipe joints are designed to pass water into the granular fill.

This balances water freely between the pipes and the backfill contained within an impermeable membrane. Twinstore reduces the overall footprint of the pipe system – a critical factor in many applications – by balancing the void ratio between the tank and the granular fill. The excavation is lined with either an impermeable membrane (GCL or fully welded liner) or a geotextile liner, depending on the site requirements. Water is cleaned as it passes in and out of the tank.

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Features and Benefits


Designed to HA Standard BD12

Easy to maintain

re-fitted with access shafts and ladders


Easy to handle and quick to install


0.3m to 3.6m diameter pipes

  • Can be used anywhere where there is a need for attenuation

  • Offers infinite design possibilities, unlike concrete chambers or cellular systems, which are limited by size and shape

  • Attenuation Tanks available with up to 120 year design life

  • Fully recyclable, unlike cells or concrete

  • Reduces footprint, reduces costs

Twinstore can offer all the unique strength and design versatility of steel with built in durability to independent industry standards.
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